Sportmax Pre-Fall 2022: The Sailor & The Siren


Enchantment and seduction. Vigor and energy. For Pre-Fall 2022, Sportmax explore the seafaring legends and the interweaving between two opposite but complementary identities: the legendary mermaids and the tenacious sailors. A story representing the transformation of the two into a single entity, the embodiment of equilibrium.

Magnificent iridescences created by maxi-sequins are combined with dresses characterised by plunging backlines. Storms of metallic eyelets on nautical garments meet see-through knitwear, while the volumes of the coats alternate with oversized and slim fits.

05 Lp Prefall22 3c Sportmax
06 Lp Prefall22 5c Sportmax
07 Lp Prefall22 4c Sportmax
08 Lp Prefall22 5c Sportmax
09 Lp Prefall22 4c Sportmax
10 Lp Prefall22 4c Sportmax
11 Lp Prefall22 5c Sportmax
12 Lp Prefall22 4c Sportmax
13 Lp Prefall22 5c Sportmax
14 Lp Prefall22 3c Sportmax