1900 The body is finally free

The life of Colette, the French writer and actress known for her anti-conformist and emancipated, charming lifestyle characteristic of the early 1900s, is expressed in a wool redingote super-stretch model that offers maximum comfort.


04 Sportmax
05 Sportmax

1940 Between shape and sensuality

A tribute to model and muse Renée Breton, this ultra-feminine double face coat is dominated by a waistline fashioned with a 1940s flair.


1950 Sumptuosity and sophistication

The ample shape and faux fur accents, call to mind the glamour of the 1950s, which was  made famous by Dovima, an ante-litteram model whose image was immortalised by Richard Avedon.


14 Sportmax
15 Sportmax

1960 Experiment, invent, dare

Penelope Tree, the greatly admired ingenue of Truman Capote’s legendary Black and White Ball, was adored by renowned photographers who launched her career. She embodies 1960’s the grit expressed by a vinyl jacket warmed inside by “moquette”.


1970 My wardrobe, my choice

Lauren Hutton’s effortless chic and her ascent to Hollywood stardom with the film American Gigolo contributed to the effortless-chic atmosphere of the 1970s  and inspired the alpaca-blend, belted coat fashioned with statement shoulders.


09 Sportmax
10 Sportmax

1990  Essentiality is the purest state

A gabardine coat infused with a tech touch takes some cues from American top model Guinevere Van Seenus, whose hypnotic, minimalistic 1990s allure left an indelible mark between two millennia.